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In my experience working with ECDS, it has been one of the most exceptional and delightful design experiences. My website has been and is informational and user friendly. Eye Create Design Studio made sure of that by researching my target audience. My web page has given my customers and potential customers a complete understanding of my products and services and have informed them of ALL Tax Queen Bee can offer them before they call. If you want your business to grow and be informative online, you can trust Eye Create Design Studios to do the best job.

Tax Queen Bee. Loyal Customer since 2008

I met a few members of the Eye Create design team at a networking conference. I was given a business card and a promise to follow up. I am so glad that I did. I paid $40 for a wire frame and gave the staff a few details about my business/target audience. THEY SHOWED ME HOW TO EXPAND THAT BUSINESS AND MARKET USING THE INTERNET. I was really shocked to see the design they came up with and how easy it was to begin selling online. Because I was unfamiliar with how to accept credit cards online, I was going to purchase their partners credit card package for a monthly fee. They told me that while my business was small, it was unnecessary. They told me about Paypal and showed me how to set it up which saved me money because it was free.

Almost overnight I began receiving orders online with payments in my email account. My market went from being local residents to being nationwide within two months. Customers were telling their friends and soon I had a nationwide brand. I cannot thank the Eye Create Design Team enough for what they did for me and my family. I paid $50 for my first year of web-hosting including my domain name because of there special with hosting and I paid only $250 for my site design. I have been told by many web design firms that what I got for the money was a steal. Within 5 months, I had made a little less that $6000 in online sales. I am considering closing my local store and having my business solely online. Others out there may be more experienced than I in internet marketing but if you are just beginning, this company will walk you through the process. They have a lifetime fan and customer in me. Thank you!

When I first purchased my template through you all I wasnt a very happy customer. It said "easy" and that was the last thing it was. I guess I was able to edit the template easily but once I had went through and changed all of the text and images, I was left sitting there like now what the h*** should I do. I sent an email and got the usual response of it will take 24-48 hours to respond. I was ticked. When you finally responded (the next day) it was via email and I was given the instructions to upload everything to the server. OK... yeah great. How do I do that? Needless to say I had my hosting through another company and you all couldnt tell me exactly what to do on their site so I was left confused with a beautiful template, no way to get a refund and still no website online. Heres where it gets good.

I sent an email that was probably less than favorable and one of your reps called me back laughing. I couldnt believe it. She apologized for the laughter and continued on in saying that her father used some choice words on a regular basis and that said she understood my frustration completely. She was very human about the matter and that was comforting. She offered to host my domain name on your platform for FREE (whatever that meant). It took maybe 20 minutes on the phone and then she told me to go to my website on the internet. There it was. Hot Damn! I thought for sure it would take a few days. Needless to say I have bought several templates since then and once my contract was up with the other company, I swithed over to your basic hosting plan.

This was well beyond what I was expecting especially when I had only spent $45 bucks on a template.

Are you an existing customer? We would love your feedback. It is your praise, comments and suggestions that help us to make our best even better. We appreciate our customers taking the time to let us know how we are doing. Send us a ticket from your domain panel or send an email to info@eyecrestedesignstudio.com, Subject :Testimonial along with your domain name. We just might have something special for you in return even if it's a complaint. That's right. Tell us so we can get it right and we reward you for helping us grow!

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Much of our design work is done for professional artists and privacy is key. We would love to have you feature our name "Designed by Eye Create Design Studio" on your website and to use your company in our portfolio! We do offer you special discounts to do so but... it is not a requirement.

Believe it or not we design for design companies! Many of the templates and designs you purchase and/or use on other webhosting and design sites were designed by us! That's rights... We are the designers designer!

"Eye Create Design Studio did an amazing job on my website. I could not have left my website in better hands. Ms Lisa came up with most of the ideas, and created it herself. She is a perfectionist and wears it well! I recommend Eye Create Design Studio to all of my friends and their businesses!! You get more than your moneys worth and that lasts forever!"

- Paige Annette   www.paigeannette.com 

 Performer- Tyrese, Beyonce, Think Like A Man Too!