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Before sending us an email for support, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Section below!

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Please be sure to backup all of your files. If you accidently delete your files they are gone forever unless you have them backed up. Our servers are up 99.9% of the time but no system in perfect 100% of the time.


Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer and need assistance,
please contact support using your Control Panel. Login to your account and click on Help in the top-right cornner. There you can submit a ticket for support and all questions will be answered there.
You can also give us a call toll-free at 866-282-3784

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Set up Time
  • Are there Hidden Fees
  • Hosting Plan Tips
  • Monthly Plans
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Use my account to store files
  • Cancel Hosting Account
  • Sublease Domain Space
  • Set up your Hosting Account
  • Set up MySql Database
  • How do I get my Free Stuff

How long after I purchase my hositng account will my account be set up?

Once your payment has been processed, we immediately begin the set up of your account. Within a few hours or less you will have
access to your control panel. Most sites are set up within 45 minutes. If your site design is complete, your site can be up within the hour.

Are there any additional fees for setup etc?

There is no fine print here! All hosting plans include free setup and have no extra fees. Your hosting plan price is all inclusive. We do offer additional options if you would like them. An example would be Domain Privacy for $15.

How do I choose the right Hosting Plan

In order to decide which type of plan is for you, you need to decide what level of user you are. If you are familiar with basic web design and FTP Clients, and will only need 1-3 email acounts you can likely have a fully functional website with us for only $30/year. If you have never heard of or used and FTP Client, you are probably a beginner and it is best for you to atleast go with the Basic Hosting Plan. Most of our customers beginner-intermediate are on the Premeire Plan. It includes everything you need to have a succesful growing website including OsCommerce, Wordpresss (CMS), and unlimited Bandwidth and Diskspace. There are even professionals that use the Premeir

Do you offer Monthly Plans?

We do not offer monthly plans anymore. We only offer yearly plans because the majority of our customers purchase annual plans. It also keeps our prices low because we are not handling the paperwork and billing on a month to month basis.

Can I really have an Unlimited Number of Domains on my account FREE?

Absolutely. You do need to have a domain name already purchased through a domain name provider or you can purchase domain names through us starting at $15/year. Once you have your domain names, just add them to your account in your control panel. Then click on POINTERS. Select the folder that contains the information for that website domain and you are all set. Just be sure to put the website design content in that folder.

Can I use my hosting account for storage since it is unlimited?

Eye Create Design Studio Hosting Accounts are unlimited in diskspace and bandwidth for files associated with your website only. For more detailed information please see the Bandwidth and Diskspace section of our Terms of Service by clicking below.
Bandwidth and Diskspace

What if I want to cancel my hosting account?

Canceling your account is a no hassle process. Simply fill out a support ticket inside the control panel asking us to cancel your account and your account will be cancelled at the end of the current billing term. Please note that there are no refunds on prepaid hosting plans. Ex. if you paid for a full year of hosting and you cancel six months into your term, your plan will be cancelled at the end of your one year term. Hosting plans are automatically renewed at the end of the billing term to prevent interruptions of service. ALL Hosting accounts will be billed 30 days prior to the end of billing cycles so all plans must be cancelled at least 45 days prior to the end of your billing term. The primary email account will be notified 45 days prior to the end of the billing term for all yearly hosting plan.

Can I host others peoples domains on my account and charge them for it?

Absolutely. We would'nt advise you to give them your personal login and password but you cant go to the FTP section of your control panel and assign them a username and password for FTP use. That way they can log in directly to their account and your important information stays safe. Remember we do give you unlimited bandwidth and diskspace but it is important that your clients know that they can not use their account as a storage space. All files uploaded mus be used on their website. If they break those rules your account and domain names may be in jeopardy of being suspended or your files may be deleted. It is rare that we have those problems but sometimes they do happen. We will make every attempt to contact you to let you know that your account is in violation. It is up to you to make sure that your clients are abiding by the rules. After all it is your account. One bad seed can bring all of your clients accounts down temporarily.

How do I set up and upload files to my hosting account?

Navigating your Control Panel is pretty easy and straight-forward. The best way to learn is to login to your account and explore. Everything is set up to make it easy for you. Click on File Manager and upload your files to the public_html folder. Be sure that there is a file named index.html, home.html so that when people type in your website address (www.yourdomain.com) they are taken to the first page of your site and not an error message. File names are case-sensitive so home.html is not the same as Home.html or HOME.html. Best practice is to always use lowercase letters.

It is faster to upload a lot of files via an FTP Client. For more information check out our FTP Info tab in the Tutorials Section Below! There are also a ton of tutorials on FTP use on YouTube.com

How do I set up a MySQL Database?

  • Login to your Account
  • Click on MySql Database. Two ways: Hover over the Website Tab at the top and click on MySql Database or Scroll Down to Website Section and click on MySql Database.
  • Click the top left icon with the plus sign to Add A Database
  • In the popup menu add the requested info. Give your database a name, create a username, and a password. Be sure to store that information in a secure place.
  • When the screen refreshes, your new database will be there. Click on Generate code to get your database details including your Server Name.
  • Dont worry if you loose your database information. You can always comeback to this page and click on your new database and get that info or reset your password

How do I get my Free stuff? (Google AdWords credits etc)

As soon as your account is active you can login. Scroll down to the bottom of your homepage
and you will see all of the freebies under Marketing!

Click to enlarge photo!

  • Eye Create Design Studio Freebies
  • Custom Design Time
  • Discount for multiple Designs
  • Customers cant see Flash Website
  • Design my site hosted by a different company

How long does it take for a custom design?

Design processes vary depending on the size and technical aspects of the job. We pride ourselves at making your design project our number 1 priority. We only take 3 projects (or 1 large project) at a time per designer so usually we can shoot for 1-2 weeks. More demanding jobs can range from a week to a month. Good news is that we don't start any job until we have all of the required information from our clients which cuts down on design time. That is another reason we offer Flat Rate Design Packages... No more worrying about whether or not designers are delaying finishing your design to charge you more. If you have deadlines or special circumstances, please let us know in advance!
Wireframes are $40 which is deducted from your design cost.

I like to change my website design often. Do you offer any packages for 3 or more designs?

Many of our customers like to do a complete revamp of their sites from time to time. We do not have a specific package for this because each design price is different. For example... A customer who purchases 3 one page site designs should not pay what a client with 3 advanced flash designs would pay. However; We can create a Customized Design Package just for you. Just send us an email with your request details and we can send you a quote

I have a Flash site and some users without flash and/or on mobile phones cannot access my content. Please Help!

Mobile phones (Android is an exception) cannot access flash content and some users do not have flash enabled on their computers. In the HTML coding of your flash site, you can offer an "if" statement so HTML content will show if they do not have flash enabled. Another option is to have a browser redirect function enabled; If a user does not have flash, it takes them to a full HTML site! A great example of this is one of our site designs at www.paigeannette.com.

This is an advanced flash site but the user is redirected to the clients HTML site when they dont have flash. We designed both so that they match and draw upon the same database of information. That means that when the client makes changes to the "database", the info is automatically updated on both sites! Visit this site on your flash enabled computer. Then visit the site on your mobile phone to see both versions. We find this to be the best option. Having an HTML version of your site also helps google to index your site and get you found!!!

Will you design a site for me if it will be hosted by a different company?

Absolutely! We are designers/developers. Our Hosting Packages are great but they are offered, not required. We do offer discounts on Hosting when you purchase your design through us and we can meet or beat most hosting packages out there!

Most tutorials out there are over my head. Are your tutorials helpful to "BEGINNERS"?

Absolutely! We make it easy to understand and follow by walking you through each step with screen recordings. Directions are typed on the screen which also helps the hearing impaired get the information they need. We have tried to think of everything for eveyone so if there is some addition you think should be added, let us know.

Click Here for a sample tutorial.

  • What is a Domain Name?
  • How to Add an additional Doman Name to my account
  • How to Point Domain to a folder

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the web address name to your website. It is what a user types into the address bar to get to your site like: www.eyecreatedesignstudio.com or youtube.com

When starting a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing a domain name. That choice will impact the website?s success in nearly every area, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). Let?s examine the factors that make a good domain name.

  • There are EMD's Exact Matching Domain which matches keyword searches. Ex. If you sell swimming pools and the name of your company is Ed's Pools, you would try for a domain like www.swimmingpools.com or www.buyswimmingpools.com rather than Edspools.com. This is because you are trying to match the "keywords" that users usually type in to search for swimming pools to buy.
  • PMD ? Partial Match Domain, a domain name combination of keyword search and business name. Using the above example, you would purchase the domain name www.buyedsswimmingpools.com
  • The previous two were highly successful prior to Google's latest two updates. Now they are not "as relevant" as they once were but still carry value. Many sites used EMD's and PMD's to get users to visit their site but the sites didnt have any relevance to the keywords. People with the money bought them and could sell ice cream or virtually anything on their websites because they were getting the traffic. The new updates have solved that problem and made keywords better for users like us. It is important that your keywords and domain name now match the content on your site. That boosts your rankings!
  • While both are still needed to be succesful in page rank, probably the most important thing to remember when selecting a domain name (and a business name to be honest) is BRANDING. Select a domain name that tells people exactly what your business is, is easy to remember, and is unique to you. Think Google... you don't think of anything else when you hear or see that name. Same thing with Yahoo and Bing. Not all businesses can have something crafty like a one word domain name but it is important for your domain name to be memorable so that people know how to find you when needed. If your Law Firm's name is popular and catchy, stick with it for your domain name. If you have a unique name and your site is personal, your name would be perfect because people will remember it and you! Beyonce can't go wrong with the domain name www.beyonce.com.

It pays off to spend some time looking at all three and how they can work together to make your domain work best for you!

How do I add and host other Domains on my account?

Adding additional Domain Names to your account is easy.

  • Login to your account using your username and password at www.eyecreatedesignstdio.com/login.html.
  • Once in your Control Panel, Hover over DOMAIN in the top menu bar. Then click Domain Central.
  • Type the domain name you want in the space that says Add Domain Name
  • Click the radio button that says "add existing domain".
  • Click Add
  • Thats it. Refresh your screen and you will see your domain in the list.
    If you need to purchase a NEW domain rather than adding a preveiously owned domain, you can do so by Clicking Here.
    If you purchase your domain through us you will not need to follow these steps as we automatically add it to your account.

How do I point my additional domains to a folder with content for that website?

Pointing your Domain Name is easy

  • Login to your account using your username and password at www.eyecreatedesignstdio.com/login.html.
  • Once in your Control Panel, Hover over DOMAIN in the top menu bar. Then click Domain Central.
  • Find the Domain Name in the list and click the plus sign next to it to open the options for that Domain Name
  • Click Pointers
  • In the dropdown menu, click Subdirectory
  • Type in the path to your folder that contains the information for this Domain Name. Start with "/public_html/" and then type the rest of the path. (If you have not previously created a folder, that is ok. By following these steps and clicking save, a folder will be created there for you).
  • If you already have your information in that folder, you can now go to www.yourdomain.com and see your website. To update information to that website, be sure to make changes to that folders contents only.
  • If you need to purchase a NEW domain rather than adding a preveiously owned domain, you can do so by Clicking Here.
    If you purchase your domain through us you will not need to follow these steps as we automatically add it to your account.
  • What is Email
  • Where can I check my email from?

What is an Email Address Name?

Your email address name is the way your customers contact you and associate you with your brand or company. It is what gets typed into the TO section when sending an email and what is in the FROM section when you send one out. It is often the first impression you give potential customers when communicating. And you never get a second chance at that first impression, so make it a good one.

If you want to be perceived as a professional, your total package should represent your brand/company. Your email address represents both you and your business. All of our hosing plans come with Email included so use it so that your email address can match your brand. If you do not have a hosting plan or email then you should get one by Clicking Here.

If you do not need a hosting plan and simply need professional email addresses for your business you just need to register for our Email Hosting Plan for $16.99year. You will need to purchase a domain name or have an existing domain name that you already own. You get 200 email addresses included. For more information on both, please Click Here


If your website address is www.dominateemail.com then your email address should be something like info@dominateemail.com. Do not make the mistake of using dominateemail@gmail.com or @aol.com etc. You should have an email address that uses your domain name rather than a generic email like @gmail, @hotmail, @aol. It is quite simply more professional not to mention easier for your customers to remember.

Repetition is key. The more your customers and potential customers say, read, and type your company name, the more memorable your company becomes. Remember it is all about your "brand"

Where can I check my email from?

Eye Create Design Studio email can be checked from virtually anywhere!

  • Internet Based so you can check it from any internet browser.
  • IMAP and POP Mail so you can set it up on your PC or MAC computer.
  • IMAP AND POP Mail so you can set it up on your smart phone.

To check you email on the internet, go to www.webmail.yourdomain.com Just remember that your unsername is your full email address. EX. If your email address is april@eyecreatedesignstudio.com, do not use april as your unsername. Many people may have used april as the first part of their username. Add your domain name to assure proper login. So your username is "april@eyecreatedesignstudio.com". For help setting email up on your phone or computer please visit our YouTube page or check the Tutorials Section below.

  • Latest Web Designs?
  • How soon do I get my Template?
  • Exclusivity
  • Edit for me
  • Edit words in HTML Template
  • Edit the style and color template
  • Edit Flash Template
  • Refunds
  • Custom Template
  • Can I sell your templates?

Our 10 Latest Designs for you

  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript Design
  • HTM5L/CSS/Javascript Design
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript Design
  • CMS/Flash
  • CMS/Flash
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS/Javascript
  • Wordpress Theme

How soon after purchase will I get my Template?

Your Template will arrive immediately after payment verification via PayPal and our staff. This usually takes from 5 minutes to 35 minutes.

In some circumstances, manual anitfraud checks are needed for Digital Goods such as our Templates. In those circumsances it may take 2 hours or longer (up to 24 hours). This may be caused by using a nickname instead of your name exactly as it appears on your debit/credit card, differing addresses for billing, international transactions etc.


Our Template designs are not exclusive to any one customer and they can be purchased by everyone. If you find a template that you like and want it exclusively, you can pay an Exclusivity Fee ranging from $2500 - $7000 depending on the template. We will then remove remove it from our store and not sell it anymore. Customers that have purchased that template before you will still be able to use it however.

Can Eye Create Design Studio edit my template for me?

Of Course! We charge a fee of $50 to edit your template for you, as is, provided you give us all of the information that you want on your site including the logo and correct size and format of images. All information must be submitted at the time we begin your work or else we charge an additional fee of $25 per submission. This helps to make sure that we do not spend to much time on an edit... that resembles a custom design.

If you want us to rearrange your template and/or add new features etc, that is a different cost and depends on each individual template and the features you want added. Send us an email at templates@eyecreatedesignstudio.com and we can give you a quote.

How do I edit the text in my HTML Template

Editing your new template may be a little bit intimidating at first but many beginners have done it very successfully. Check out the Tutorials Section below as well as our YouTube page for a step by step walk through in real time.

You will need an editing program such as Dreamweaver, Notepad, or Text Edit to edit your html file. Do not attempt to edit them in a program like Word unless you are experienced. You can download a free 30-day trial of Dreamweaver from the Adobe website here. Other

How do I edit the style and color in my HTML Template?

How do I edit my Flash Template?

Some of our Flash Templates are for intermediate/advanced customers and can only be edited by sing a Flash Software Editor such as Abobe Flash. Others have been modified and come with text files so you can easily open the text file and change the text, path to the logos/images etc. Check out the Tutorials Section below and/or our YouTube page as we walk you step by step through editing both.

Do you offer refunds on Templates?

No. There is no refund on Digital Goods because they cannot be "returned" like regular goods can and are easily copied/tranfered. If the Template has parts missing and/or broken, we will replace the Template file for you.

The only time a Refund may be issued is if the Template file is broken or missing parts and we cannot replace it with a properly functioning Template. Be sure to check your file after it is received. You have up to 72 hours to submit a claim. This does not include you loosing parts or corrupting the file.

Will you make a Custom Template for me?

Absolutely. Thats is considered a web design. Please see our Web Design Page.

Can I sell your Templates?

Short answer is Absolutely Not! However we do offer some options for you to make money while keeping the integrity and Intellectual Property rights of our designers respected.

Even if you completely change colors, animtions/transitions and text on our Templates,
Intellectual Property rights still belong to Eye Create Design Studio. Remember we are a business and if anyone should make a profit off of these designs, it should be our designers.

If you are interested in learning how to design, please watch our tutorials or send us an email and we can create one for you. We want everyone to be successful and learn the how-to's of the internet design scene.

All of our tutorials are hosted on our YouTube Channel . Please visit us and Subscribe to our page for the most current videos and updates icluding videos not listed here. If there is a video that you would like a tutorial on, send us a message on YouTube and we will get one out for you as soon as possible.

  • Setting Up Email
  • FTP
  • Setting up Templates
  • Domain Pointing Manager

What is FTP?

FTP is an abbreviation for "File Transfer Protocol", a standard for the exchange of program and data files across a network.

For our purposes: An FTP program is the quickest way to upload and download a large amount of files over the internet. To upload all of your website files you can do it one file at a time in the Control Panel of the Members area after login OR you can upload a large number of files at one time using an FTP Client. There are some free clients as well as clients that you can purchase. Do a simple Google search for "FTP Clients". A few FTP software programs are: FileZilla, SmartFTP, CUTE FTP and CrossFTP.

Note: Some only work for PC or Mac.

To set up FTP you will need three things:

  • FTP hostname which is ftp.yourdomainname.com
  • Username which is your login username (can be changed to allow access to different users for limited files/folders)
  • Password which is your login password (can be changed to allow access to different users for limited files/folders)

You can also set up a different login and password specifically for FTP use which we reccomend especially if you will be giving that information to someone else like a web designer/deveoper for updates etc. For instructions, see below.

The following video will detail Domain Pointing for Home Directory, Sub-Directory, Parked Domain and URL (including stealth URL). This is especially important to know if you are hosting more than one domain on your account. Simply point a domain to a sub-directory folder with the files for that site as shown in the video. When a user enters that domain name, they will automatically be shown files for that site from that sub-directory only.

How do I set up a MySQL Database

Login to your Account

Click on MySql Database. Two ways: Hover over the Website Tab at the top and click on MySql Database or Scroll Down to Website Section and click on MySql Database.

Click the top left icon with the plus sign to Add A Database

In the popup menu add the requested info. Give your database a name, create a username, and a password. Be sure to store that information in a secure place.

When the screen refreshes, your new database will be there. Click on Generate code to get your database details including your Server Name.

Dont worry if you loose your database information. You can always comeback to this page and click on your new database and get that info or reset your passowrd

"Eye Create Design Studio did an amazing job on my website. I could not have left my website in better hands. Ms Lisa came up with most of the ideas, and created it herself. She is a perfectionist and wears it well! I recommend Eye Create Design Studio to all of my friends and their businesses!! You get more than your moneys worth and that lasts forever!"

- Paige Annette   www.paigeannette.com 

 Performer- Tyrese, Beyonce, Think Like A Man Too!